About D.E.C.O.

What is D.E.C.O.?

D.E.C.O. is our schools version of a parent, teacher, student, and staff organization (PTO). The initials stand for Duncan Elementary Community Organization.

All Duncan parents are a part of D.E.C.O. and we invite everyone to participate. The time commitment depends on the role, but there is certainly a good fit for everyone! D.E.C.O. holds regular meetings each month. Meetings are held in the Media Center.

The organization conducts fundraisers in order to purchase items for the school, offer educational assemblies, purchase playground equipment, and so much more…

Educationally, D.E.C.O. sponsors numerous social events throughout the year for the students and families of Duncan, which we believe supplement the educational experience for our children.

Our Goals

Duncan Elementary Community is an organization whose purpose is to strengthen, enhance and encourage the educational and social environment of Duncan Elementary. Its goals are to complement the school curriculum with additional opportunities for parents, teachers and students to learn, socialize, communicate, and grow.

The Objectives of D.E.C.O. are:

  1. To assist faculty and staff of Duncan Elementary in the development of a Curriculm and school environment which encourages students to achieve their goals.

  2. To sponsor and coordinate social activities for the students and families of Duncan Elementary.

  3. To promote student participation in worthwhile community activities.

  4. To conduct fundraising activities to enhance academic programs, supplement improvements to the building and grounds, purchase additional educational materials and playground equipment.

  5. To help create a community and sense of connectedness.

Board Members

Christina Aboufawaz


Michelle Decker


Laura Venet


Jeanette Field

Community Outreach

Linda Bristol

Social Events

Jill Maddox


Rachael Bartello


Teresa Kay


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